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Technical Characteristics:

Essence – 100 % spruce
Ash – 0.3 %
Mechanical durability- 98.4 %
Moisture – 8.2 %
Calorific value – 5.0 kWh/kg
Diameter – 6 mm

BIOPELLET PREMIUM are made from softwood lumber, not suitable for processed products (boards, etc.). Such wood is debarked, chopped, and dried. During drying, the raw material takes on a slightly different color than pellets made from dry raw materials. Nether the less, these pellets have a very low ash content, high calorific value, and are without any impurities.

Quality Certifications

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Company Info:

LLC “Biopellet”

Company code: 306288726
VAT code: LT100015949517
Registration Address: V. Nagevičiaus str. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania

OFFICE / SHOWROOM: B NORDIC 26, J. Basanavičiaus g. 26, Vilnius, Lithuania


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